Send Out a Clean Fleet of Vehicles

Leave trailer cleaning to us in the Monroe, NC area

When fleet vehicles leave your property, they become part of the image your business presents to the world. You can ensure that your vehicles create a polished, professional image by keeping them clean. Alvi's Outdoor Care offers same-day fleet pressure washing services in all areas within 100 miles of Monroe, NC.

We can visit your property promptly to inspect your vehicles and handle:

  • Truck cleaning
  • Semi-trailer truck cleaning
  • RV cleaning
  • Camper cleaning
  • Bus cleaning
  • Trailer cleaning

We can soft wash or pressure wash the outer sides of your vehicles, or wash the undersides and tires for an additional fee. Call 843-623-1111 now for a free estimate on competitively priced fleet pressure washing services.

See what pressure washing can remove

Over time, all kinds of grime build up on vehicles like trailers. Pollen, dirt, mud and mold cling to them. When you use a pressure washer to tackle trailer cleaning, you can remove all of those things and more. You can even remove rust stains and spray paint. Get your vehicles completely clean by working with us right away. We'll provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.